Bighan Coin

Bighan Coin

Chinese name:大漢币

English name:Bighan Coin

English abbreviations:BHC

Monetary aggregates:411 million

Block proof:POW

Algorithm: Quark

Block speed: 1 block per minute

Mature: 120 block

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On March 28, 2016

About us

The Bighan Coin is the Chinese BIT Currency which is an international free trade service for online and offline consumer spending.

The master node distribution mechanism is the big fellow currency used to promote node network robust, high availability, institutional design.

For digital currency network, the more active node in the network, the network security is higher, the faster the transaction confirmation, malicious attacks, the smaller the likelihood of success.In order to encourage more users to provide online nodes, money to encourage more users at the same time, the big fellow coin mechanism of the master node distribution is designed accordingly.

In particular, the master node distribution mechanism rules are as follows:

May 28, 2016

VPOW Distribution mechanism

VPOW(Virtual Proof Of Work)Virtual work proof mechanism, distribution mechanism is also known as the specific mining refers to the use of the other currency of POW work force for the big fellow currency fair digital currency system provides a similar POW.

By applying VPOW distribution mechanism, increase the big fellow coin buying on the market, the big fellow currency kept more ample liquidity in the market, to maintain the currency, completed the fair distribution, to promote the smooth development of the big fellow currency application.

In 2017,

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